The Team

Eurocold has the best people who are problem solvers.

We believe that customers who have their expectations exceeded are the ones that keep coming back. We have the best products. They are delivered by people who listen and build great, long term relationships.

We invite you to let us help you grow your business.

Eurocold team member

Paul Piert, Managing Director

Paul has been in the retail, food and automotive industry at senior levels for the last 25 years. Working with worldwide brands such as Virgin and Bentley Motors.

Setting up Virgin Cars retail stores for Sir Richard Branson saw Paul develop a unique car buying business which delivered in excess of 1000 vehicles per month, moving this from an online proposition to an actual dealership footprint across the UK.

Paul was Managing Director for Bentley in the UK when he was asked to relocate to Australia with the marque in 2009 where he spent a further five years building the Brand and delivering exceptional results. While looking after Bentley as the General Manager he also assumed responsibility for Audi, Lotus, Fiat and Alfa Romeo as well.

Another opportunity which Paul seized was to head up a National chain of restaurants across Australia covering around 85 locations employing over 4000 staff, having responsibility for all operational, food service and training matters.

Securing Isokit isothermal refrigerated bodies in 2020 has seen the beginning of Eurocold, building premium refrigerated trucks with an amazing team at their head office in Lytton. The business is going from strength to strength and building an enviable reputation in the refrigerated space along with delivering a level of customer service rarely seen in business today, relationships for Eurocold are everything.

Nick Karanicolas, National Sales Manager

Nick has years of experience in selling refrigerated trucks as a national sales manager with clients all over Australia. His listening skills and attention to detail ensure that customers get what they need. His brilliant attitude, communication skills and genuine interest in people keep everyone informed and engaged. 

Nick has over 12 years’ experience in food service and food production with market leaders like Solomon Food Group, Holco Fine Meat Suppliers and Royal Foods. These market leaders in food solutions to the foodservice sector enhanced his knowledge of both the requirements of the food industry and the vehicles that transport it. This uniquely positions Nick to advise customers on the best solution for their specific needs. 

Nick has a rich background in marketing and sales with a deep understanding of customer experience which equips him well to understand the needs of operators in the industry. 

With extensive product knowledge and a passion for trucks, Nick can’t wait to match you with a truck that meets your business’s needs. 

Eurocold team member
Eurocold team member

Dani Jordison, Client Services Manager

Dani’s customer service is legendary. Her customer focused background with a solution-based approach, and years of experience with refrigerated trucks provide high-level support to businesses. Flexible and adaptable with excellent teamwork, organisational and leadership skills her attention to detail combined with strong administrative experience delivers for our customers. 

With over 10 years of experience enhancing customer experiences for both small and large-scale clients in a wide variety of industries, at state and national levels, Dani thrives on building relationships with clients through learning how to best support their business with the flexibility and commitment needed to meet their expectations. 

Dani is on hand to resolve complex client inquiries and assist their businesses in a solution-focused approach to ensure their satisfaction. 

Aaron Cuthbertson, National Rental Manager

Eurocold’s refrigerated truck rental site at Rocklea is led by Aaron Cuthbertson. Aaron at 18 started detailing vehicles for the rental industry.

With almost 20 years’ experience in all facets of the industry he has worked around Australia in places like Hobart, Perth, Ballina, Ayers Rock and now Brisbane.

He has even worked in the rental industry in the United States.

Aaron is passionate about trucks and cars and can’t wait to help you find the perfect rental refrigerated truck for your business.

Eurocold team member
Eurocold team member

Layton Roycroft, Production Manager

Layton has a rich background in refrigerated truck production management with a deep understanding of how to solve complex problems to produce quality vehicles. 

Years of experience at Toll working on resources and Government logistics established Layton’s credentials in issue resolution and team management. This is combined with IT experience with several organisations including International Cruise & Excursions and Wipro Limited.  

Layton has years of experience in production management of refrigerated trucks. His skills keep production efficient and at high levels of quality that meet Eurocold’s exacting standards. His adaptability, flexibility and knowledge combined with a dedicated approach to structured systems and processes makes sure he hits deadlines and deliverables. 

Layton’s relationships with clients keeps them coming back. He manages the team to optimise the opportunities and deliver for clients. 

Each customer’s needs are different, and this can challenge most manufacturing organisations. With Layton’s can-do, solution-based approach and an engineering attitude to precision and quality he makes it work.  

There are no challenges that Layton has not been able to overcome.