Buy or hire refrigerated trucks, vans and utes. We provide high quality vehicles using technology used by the world’s largest restaurant chain.

Looking for refrigerated trucks, vans and utes you can depend on?

We provide superior quality refrigerated transport unseen elsewhere in the market. Our refrigerated vehicles are lighter, can carry more and have been tested in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

European designed and manufactured, but assembled right here in Australia. Our customers continue to benefit from reliable refrigerated trucks, vans and utes, as well as a world class customer support team.

Man opening back doors of truck

Refrigerated truck, van and ute range

Customer benefits

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    World class customer support team with over 60 years combined experience

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    Rapid delivery times and meticulous logistics

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    Superior quality vehicles unseen elsewhere in the refrigerated transport market

  • Weight

    ISOSHIELD avoids the application of wood, ensuring higher insolation coefficients an 20% reduction in weight

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    Our truck bodies are equipped with ISOKIT – ISOKIT solutions guarantee insulation coefficients below 0,34W/m2K, meaning they can maintain temperatures even in harsh conditions

  • Footprint

    ISOKITs are equipped with aerodynamic solar powered bodywork notably reduces carbon footprint

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    Financing available

Fresh produce in back of ute tray
Eurocold refrigerated truck with Fuso chassis and Carrier fridge

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