4 Useful Tips From Experts In Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are essential solutions for a variety of businesses. Here are some tips on how to get the most from this type of vehicle. 

Are you thinking about using or investing in a refrigerator truck? Also known as a chiller lorry, these are vehicles that will allow you to carry perishable items at low temperatures. They can be used for both long and short distances to keep items in the right condition and are largely used by food companies. Here are some key tips that you should keep in mind when you are using this type of vehicle. 

refrigerated truck driving expert

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Shut Off The Refrigeration Unit When Loading And Unloading 

When you are unloading or loading up items into your truck, make sure that you do not keep the refrigeration unit running. Doing so will draw in warm and humid air from outside. If this air condenses it will cause the evaporator coil to freeze and this can disrupt the airflow. Ultimately, it will result in the system frequently going into defrost mode. By shutting it down you can also cut your fuel usage, leading to more efficient processes overall. 

Don’t forget that the tailgate lift on the truck also operates by using the vehicle battery. If you want to save power, you need to ensure that you avoid using it too much when the engine is off. 

Complete Standard Checks

Before each journey, you should make sure that you are completing some standard checks of your truck. This includes exploring the temperature levels and the air settings. You need to assess the seal on the door and assess the walls of the interior of the truck. If there are any issues with cracks along the insulation, then this is going to impact whether or not items remain at the right temperature. You may also want to arrange for a professional to check your truck regularly throughout the year to ensure that there are not any issues.

Keep The Refrigeration Unit Operational When The Engine Is Off

In some cases, you may need to switch off the engine of the truck and keep the refrigeration unit running. When the truck engine is switched off, the unit will also turn off automatically. However, you will be provided with extension leads when you purchase or lease the truck. You can use these to keep the unit running and ensure that items remain cold when your truck is stopped for a significant period. This could include when taking breaks on longer trips. 

Avoid Parking In Direct Sunlight

Finally, while these trucks are designed to work in all types of weather conditions, it is still best to avoid parking your truck in direct sunlight. Doing so can alter the temperature inside the unit, even if the insulation is in fantastic condition. Instead, you should aim to park your truck in the shade. Particularly, if you are going to be in the same spot for a longer period. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you must take to use a refrigerator truck the right way. Whether you have purchased or a hiring a refrigerated truck, it’s key to keep your refrigerated truck in the right condition and ensure that you get the greatest benefits from this type of solution.