Advanced technologies for refrigerated trucks

We equip all our trucks with the very latest technology including advanced vehicle tracking and driver safety systems. So, you’ll have complete confidence that your refrigerated truck fleet is running efficiently and safely.


Vision Trak vehicle tracking

Vision Trak is a top-of-the-range comprehensive GPS tracking system that provides real-time vehicle tracking data. Keep abreast of your vehicles activities, streamline your business and improve the efficiency of your fleet.


Key features

Vision Trak advanced real-time vehicle tracking solutions make it easy to keep track of your refrigerated truck fleet. This comprehensive GPS tracking system provides insight into each vehicle’s status, overall performance, driver behaviour, and more.

With Vision Trak, you’ll be able to

  • Locate vehicles in real-time
  • Monitor, and report on the activity of drivers
  • Analyse the performance of your fleet
  • Gain insight into important trends
  • Review the fleet’s progress towards hitting KPIs
  • Streamline your businesses operations
  • Optimise fleet efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Designed with the food and cold chain industry in mind, Vision Trak’s temperature tracking solution provides full transparency over refrigerated vehicle temperature, with ambient and refrigeration temperature readings every 30 seconds.

The system facilitates HACCP compliance and ensures valuable goods and produce are transported at the required temperatures and arrive at their destinations in the desired condition. Data is captured and accessible 24/7 on the user-friendly portal.

Vision Trak’s advanced fleet camera systems goes beyond the standard vehicle CCTV systems available to date. Standard systems provide dual camera views that only record the road and driver, whereas Vision Trak allows you to install up to six cameras per vehicle, so you get the full picture of everything going on in and around your vehicle.

VisionTrak’s Driver ID tracking system allows you to easily identify which driver is operating which refrigerated vehicle at all times. 

Once the system has been installed in a vehicle, drivers use unique key fobs to sign in to the system and operate the vehicle. 

The Driver ID tracking system records each journey made by the driver and provides reports on all vehicles operated by that driver.

With Driver ID, you’ll be able to

  • Keep track of driver locations, activities and time on site
  • Improve productivity
  • Verify deliveries and provide proof of service
  • Deter drivers from leaving the site early
  • Monitor driving times and distances to ensure work time directive compliance
  • Verify driver timesheets against recorded start and finish times 
  • Determine which drivers have incurred any speeding or parking fines.

We customise refrigerated trucks to suit your requirements