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As the sole supplier of ISOKIT, Australia’s most advanced isothermal systems, we supply the very latest and best refrigeration technology from this leader and pioneer in the temperature-controlled transport industry.

Why choose ISOKIT isothermal solutions

European design

ISOKIT Isothermal Solutions are engineered, designed and manufactured in Italy by market-leaders in refrigeration, and tested for outstanding reliability and consistency in temperature-control in the world’s harshest climates.

Cutting-edge technology

IOSKIT refrigerated truck bodies are built using Solid Works Technology that yields 20% lighter bodies and optimal insulation with a K-factor below 0.34 W/m2K – an industry first in Australia.



ISOKIT is an industry leading and pioneering consolidated manufacturer of temperature-controlled bodyworks, trailers, semitrailers and other transport equipment. All ISOKIT products are manufactured in strict compliance with the current European road legislation.

ISOKIT refrigerated kits are continually evolving and can be tailored to suit customer requirements. The product range extends from individual panels to finished products, complete with tail-lift, refrigeration unit, temperature recording equipment, pneumatic or electric rolling shutters and all other accessories.

Benefits of ISOKIT Isothermal Solutions

When your business depends on getting temperature-sensitive goods or produce from one place to another on time and at the required temperature, you can’t afford to compromise on the quality of your refrigeration unit.

As experts in refrigerated transport, we’ve seen our share of refrigeration units, but only one stands head and shoulders above the rest – ISOKIT Isothermal Solutions. We’ve partnered with them to ensure our clients get the best refrigeration and temperature-control available.

Here are just a few of the tangible benefits you’ll get from these industry leaders in refrigeration:

Reliability, durability and energy efficiency

Designed and manufactured according to stringent European refrigerated transport standards, you’re assured of exceptional performance, reliability, durability and energy efficiency from your ISOKIT refrigeration unit.

  • Unlike traditional wet-on-wet solutions, ISOKIT units do not require wooden insulation panels, resulting in a 20% reduction in weight, which reduces operating costs and allows you to carry heavier loads.
  • Designed and built using Solid Works Technology,ISOKIT’s revolutionary body construction ensures that our refrigeration units consistently perform with insulation coefficients below 0.34W/m2K – an industry leading Australian first.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy, ISOKIT isothermal solutions are built to withstand the world’s harshest climates, so you’re assured that your refrigerated truck will perform optimally and efficiently for years to come – even in the toughest of Australian conditions.
Truck storage

Key benefits and features

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Expert personnel

Our team of refrigeration experts has extensive experience in 3D Solid Works design, the use of composite materials, plastics, injection moulding, lamination, painting and structural mechanics. We have also collaborated with leading universities on a number of research projects.

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Product Innovation

Our refrigerated trucks are built using the very latest materials and technologies such as the ground-breaking ISOSHIELD panels that offer unmatched temperature control and efficiency. The aerodynamic design and optimised interior architecture of our units also reduce operating costs.

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Custom Design

We understand that your business is unique, and your refrigerated transport requirements differ from those of other customers. That’s why we tailor make refrigerated trucks to suit your requirements. Our ISOKIT units can be custom-designed and manufactured according to your specifications.

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Superior Quality

When you choose ISOKIT isothermal solutions, you’re assured of the best quality components and materials, tried and tested on the harshest roads and in the most demanding applications, and backed by full certification.

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Precision Manufacturing

Striking the balance between precision automated manufacturing and custom design to meet our customer’s needs, we develop personalised isothermal solutions with rapid delivery times and exceptional quality.

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Advanced Logistics

We’ve fine-tuned our entire operation, from design and manufacture to after-sales service, to ensure you get the best quality products, delivered on time. To this end, we use advanced logistics, including ERP programs, RFID tracking and flexible operating procedures.

We customise refrigerated trucks to suit your requirements