About Eurocold

At Eurocold, we build refrigerated transport vehicles.

Our customers are typically;

  • Third Party Logistics,
  • Broadline Food Service,
  • Meat, Fish, Seafood,
  • Dairy, or
  • Produce

Their customers are looking for distribution, restaurants, hospitals or service centres.

Eurocold has the refrigerated truck to suit your needs. Therefore, should you be buying, long-term contracts or rental,  we understand every customer has different needs and we value them all equally. We specialise in the Partnership Rentals for refrigerated trucks as a great solution for most of our customers.

Quality is king. At Eurocold, we provide your business with refrigerated trucks that work hard for you – proving time and time again value and quality is the right decision for your business.

Eurocold refrigerated truck with drivers
Side of Eurocold 14 pallet refrigerated truck with steps

Eurocold owns exclusive Australian distribution rights of ISOKIT Isothermal Solutions. These European designed and manufactured bodies are built to last the test of time, using only the highest quality products. The ISOSHIELD system has been tested in some of the world’s harshest climates, establishing ISOKIT’s position of being at the forefront of the temperature controlled transport industry.

We are proud to supply a substantial, diverse and superior body range to the Australian cold transport industry.

Our Isothermal range is offered across all rigid vehicles currently operating in the Australian market, with options ranging from vans and utes, up to 14-pallet jumbos.