Hardware Accessories

Every business needs to customise the truck to meet specific needs. For some the need is for different door configurations for side loading. Others require bull bars, internal lighting or specific grab handles.

Here we have a selection of some of the most popular additions. Please talk to us about your specific needs!

Options & Accessories

We have grouped the options into sections below.


Major Door Combinations
  • Rear barn doors
  • Rear tri fold doors
  • Rear roller door (freezer or chiller grade)
  • Side personal access door
  • Side pallet width door
  • Pelican doors
Rear of Eurocold 2 pallet refrigerated truck with side and rear barn doors
Rear of Eurocold refrigerated truck rear door open


Bull bars

Bull Bars effectively shield the front end of the truck with heavy-duty steel and serve to keep it operable after a collision. The design of the accessory gives your truck a stylish look, but offers real protection dating back to its original purpose. Bull bars that are air-bag compatible and comply with all the relevant regulations are available.

Recessed Door Handles

Recessed door handles look sleek and allow for your sign writing to be uninterrupted. They are also key lockable and allow for one handed operation when opening the door.

LED Running Lights

LED running lights are a low energy lighting system, not only do they look the part they ensure you will be seen on the road. They are also installed according to the Department of Transport’s regulations, ensuring compliance.

Reverse camera

The reverse camera is a key safety feature, this allows for safe reversing and will help reduce accidents and vehicle damage.

Large Rear Bump Stops

Larger rear bump stops allow for easier dock loading and reduced damage to the rear of the truck.

Under-Run Protection

Eurocold offer under run protection as an optional upgrade.  This reduces the risk of cars and motorcycles sliding under the truck.

Hand Wash tanks

Rugged vehicle-mounted hand-washing stations designed to allow water and hand sanitizer to be dispensed virtually anywhere. Application-specific hardware enables units to be mounted to a wide variety of trucks.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Cabinets to house extinguishers that work by discharging a powder that absorbs the fuel directly from the fire source, helping return your truck to safety. They are suitable for a range of fires and deliver high-level fire protection, making them effective in many different situations.

Trolley racks

The trolley is an essential part of a lot of refrigerated truck activity. Eurocold can build into the frame effective space to safely rack the trolley when not in use for easy access when needed.


Durable truck boxes are specially designed to be mounted on the truck. Their installation is to accommodate the tools that may otherwise be left scattered, unorganised, and prone to damage.


Grab handles

Internal truck grab handles are an effective way to cut down on injuries associated with getting in and out of a truck body. They are added during truck production and give you an extra anchor point when entering and exiting the truck body.

Internal Lights

Eurocold installs LEDs in the body. LEDs produce much less heat than an incandescent bulb of the same lumens (amount of light). Additionally, the light is whiter than incandescent and is covered by translucent shields. They also have less drain on the battery and last longer.

Meat hangers & Meat Rails

When transporting primal meat cuts as carcasses, a meat hanger is required to hang the product from the roof.  There are different types of rail systems we offer including in-line or centre feed.  We can also add or remove rails depending on your individual requirements.

Internal Walls

To get the most out of your truck, utilisation of space is crucial. Talk to us about your needs and we can design and add in the relevant solution from:

  • Moveable bulkhead walls
  • Fixed internal walls (with or without fan kits)
  • Dividing chiller mats (with or without fan kits)
  • Air Flow Curtains
  • Multi-temp fridge units
  • Fixed or sliding curtain systems
PVC Rear & Side Door Curtains

Clear PVC Strip Doors provide an economical and simple installation solution to assist in controlling the body temperature, dust and hygiene at the right level when doing deliveries. They can also allow more cold air to be retained in the truck body during multiple door openings. They are available in a range of widths and thickness to suit and can be moveable or fixed.

Inside cab Eurocold refrigerated truck
Rear of Eurocold 2 pallet refrigerated truck with Cantilever tailgate lift


Slide out ramps

Slide out ramps give versatility with extendable aluminium ramps built into the chassis rails. They allow easy access into the rear of the truck and can be used for trolley or cart loading.


Air Flow Flooring

Air flow flooring allows for the refrigeration air to travel under the load of pallets, therefore providing a much more efficient temperature throughout the truck.

Drain Floors

Designed for milk cases and ice cream carts two floors’ drains are standard. Fully welded seams.

Tailgate Types

Tail gate lifters – cantilevers, tuck away and sliders

Cantilever Lifts

These are ideal for demanding applications in transport businesses, food distribution and all sectors requiring pallet loading and unloading.  With smooth hydraulic automatic tilt and high stiffness, it is ideal to equip vehicles for customers that like high performance and reliability.

Slider Lifts

Slider Lift designs, like tuck-aways, are characterized by folding and storing directly underneath the truck bed. However, slider designs feature lifting platforms that “slide” out from underneath the truck bed (instead of lowering and unfolding). Slider lift designs support some of the highest lifting capacities of any type of hydraulic lift.

Tuck-away Lifts

These are ideal tailgates for flexibility with businesses that do combined deliveries including dock work where they need varied options for their work.