Many people buy refrigerated trucks, but renting is also an option. The best solution will differ from company to company. Below we discuss the benefits of renting refrigerated trucks. 

Capital and investment 

Companies in the refrigerated transport industry drive the cold chain of distribution. How capital is deployed and delivers a return impacts on their success. Consider, would you get a greater return on investment in other resources in your business than if you had bought a vehicle.  

  • Renting is off-balance sheet which can be a benefit 
  • Renting allows you to use your capital on other investments which have better return.  
  • Renting gives you flexibility. You can change the type of vehicle and location of vehicle significantly easier than with a purchased truck.  
  • Rental of trucks allows for quick and easy turnover of trucks compared to if you owned them. 
  • The process of buying and selling trucks takes time and energy from you or your team.  
  • When renting your truck, simply return the truck at the end of the rental.  

Rental presents the opportunity for even smaller businesses to enjoy the benefits of newer refrigeration trucks. 

Safety & Up to Date 

With more and more legislation and compliance required by governments worldwide, new vehicles are safer and more efficient. With more global competition from manufacturers, vehicles are better and more comfortable with significantly more features to improve the driver experience. Some considerations are: 

  • With new refrigeration trucks you get more fuel-efficient engines with improved emissions control.  
  • Newer trucks are better with significant improvements in safety and performance.  
  • Trucks, refrigeration units and tailgates experience wear and tear over time and mechanical parts will break. Eventually, the time comes when a truck needs to be replaced.  


Older trucks were lucky to get a radio. Expectations have changed driven by technology and driver expectations. 

Some of the things that we take for granted that are in new vehicles now are: 

  • Driver safety with sleep alerts. 
  • Knowing where your trucks are through GPS tracking. 
  • Load safety through body and load temperature monitoring. 
  • Truck safety through reverse cameras and warning sensors. 
  • Improved driver comforts with better seating and air conditioning. 
  • Data-driven tracking and intelligent temperature monitoring systems. 

“On Costs” 

The delivery of the vehicle is just the beginning. The running costs for servicing, maintenance, tyres, windscreens etc. These are often not considered when deciding to buy the truck but are real costs that are part of the cost of ownership.  

Renting your truck means your routine scheduled maintenance should be included by the rental company. Renting a fully maintained vehicle will save your business a great deal of time and money. 

The Long-term Rental Model 

Eurocold’s Long-term Rental agreement looks after your vehicle including all the following for the term of the agreement: 

  • Vehicle Care: The agreement covers all truck servicing costs. Refrigeration unit servicing costs 
  • Vehicle Governance: Annual Vehicle Registration. Vehicle Insurance 
  • Vehicle Consumables:  Windscreen replacement. Tyre replacement 
  • Support: 24/7 Customer Support and Roadside Assistance 
  • Asset Resources: Vision Trak Telematics System collects real-time vehicle data  
  • Highlights of the Partnership 
    • Our offer is for 1 year agreement. 
    • Should your needs change after 1 year then we take back the vehicle. Terms and conditions apply 
    • Usage of 5000km each month is included in the agreement with an additional fee for each extra kilometre within that month. 

All this for a monthly payment. 

Hire for a day, week or monthly. We have you covered! 

Eurocold has a range of refrigerated vehicles from utes to 14 pallet trucks. Vehicles for car, LR, MR or HR licences. Our service makes sure you have a vehicle when you need it, and it is reliable. 

  • Modern quality vehicles with world leading ISOKIT bodies for extra benefit.  
  • Complimentary VisionTrak in all our hire fleet to allow you to track your vehicle and refrigeration. 
  • Unlimited kilometres on every hire.  
  • Lowest excess in the industry at only $2,900 

We hope this information was useful. We welcome you to give us a call and talk about your needs.  

The decision to buy or rent is not simple. There are many different factors to consider including your financial resources, lifestyle, family needs, investment goals and appetite for risk. Doing research and talking to an expert is a good idea. To assist you with your decision, speak to us.