Our 14 pallet truck is the largest standard truck that Eurocold builds. Below we will discuss all the available options and considerations for it, as well as the main types of customers who purchase it. 


There are three main brands of chassis that are available for a 14 pallet truck. They are Isuzu, Fuso and Hino. We also stock some European brands such as Mercedes, DAF and Scania. These brands have different features and can be more expensive. Some European brands are also customisable. 

We also have twin-steer chassis available. These chassis allow a higher payload to be carried as they distribute weight more easily across both axels. 


The two main brands available for fridges for the 14 pallet truck are Carrier and Thermoking. 


Eurocold has two types of body available – Isokit and custom. Our Isokit body is European designed and manufactured. It delivers a 20% reduction in weight when compared to conventional fiberglass bodies, and boasts industry-leading K Factor insulation coefficients below 0.34W/m2K. These bodies are built to last and deliver efficiency.  

We also build custom bodies for more specialised applications. These may include multiple side doors or no side doors. We can cater for individual business needs. 


There are several external and internal accessories that Eurocold offer for a 14 pallet truck. Firstly, there are three tailgate options that can be chosen – cantilever, slider and tuck-away.  

The cantilever tailgates are ideal for demanding applications in transport businesses, food distribution and all sectors requiring pallet loading and unloading.  With smooth hydraulic automatic tilt and high stiffness, it is ideal to equip vehicles for customers that like high performance and reliability.   

Tuck-aways are the ideal tailgates for flexibility with businesses that do combined deliveries including dock work where they need varied options for their work. 

Finally, slider designs, like tuck-aways, are characterized by folding and storing directly underneath the truck chassis. However, slider designs feature lifting platforms that “slide” out from underneath the truck chassis (instead of lowering and unfolding). They support some of the highest lifting capacities of any type of hydraulic lift. 

Other external accessories that can be added are; a reverse camera, LED running lights, recessed door handles and door options. These include rear barn, rear tri-fold, rear roller, side personal access, pelican and side pallet width doors. 

Internal accessories available for the 14 pallet truck include; dividing walls, grab handles, curtains, air-flow flooring and trolley holders. 


Eurocold also offers Vison Trak as an optional addition to any of their vehicles. Vison Trak provides real-time tracking solutions which streamline and help businesses and fleet managers improve operations. It offers real time GPS tracking, temperature tracking and CCTV tracking that records the road and driver only. 

Main Customers 

The 14 pallet truck is mainly purchased by several different categories of consumers in refrigerated transportation. Firstly, customers who are third party logistics providers. Their load is varied, and they need to have the capacity to carry larger volumes when reduced. They need the larger truck to carry the weight they are transporting and volume of product. 

The other category of customer that mainly purchase these trucks are primary produce. Again, this is because of the volume of products they need to carry and amount of stock they need to transport. Primary produce includes customers who transport meat, seafood, poultry and fruit and vegetables. 

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