Brisbane based refrigerated transport company, Eurocold, will unveil Managing Director, Avraam Solomon’s vision to key stakeholders at the Brisbane Truck Show – and for his company – which includes a significant expansion for Eurocold and its sister company Revora.

  • Eurocold commits to 100 million dollar (AUD) investment in Australasian refrigerated trucking industry over next three years
  • Expansion through Perth and Melbourne to complement Sydney launch and Brisbane base
  • New Zealand earmarked for Eurocold’s first international expansion
  • Critical focus on increasing rental market adoption in Australia to provide scalable fleets and flexibility to clients in line with global trends
  • Move to sustainability for industry through electrified refrigerated fleet supply through Revora brand
  • Eurocold is based on Stand 358 on Plaza Level of the Brisbane Truck Show (near the cafe) – both Avraam Solomon and Nathan Gore-Brown are available for interview

$100 million dollar (AUD) investment, expansion through new markets, including New Zealand

After launching a Western Sydney facility earlier this month, Solomon’s vision is expansive, committing to a $100 million spend within the refrigerated transport industry – the centrepoint being expansion into Melbourne, Perth and ultimately New Zealand.

This commitment over the next three years will see up to 800 trucks being deployed, the initial goal being 500 trucks.

The nexus of Eurocold’s establishment three years ago was securing the Australian rights for Isokit refrigerated bodies. In that time, Eurocold has become one of the leading companies in the space combining decades of experience, innovation and a customer service focused approach.

Expanding rental market in Australia Eurocold’s focus in the coming years. 

Solomon and his key executives have spent significant time researching global trends in refrigerated trucking – both in person and anecdotally – and, when it comes to renting or leasing trucks, the Australian market lags in uptake when compared to global counterparts – something Eurocold wishes to change.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe in the last 12 months looking at large businesses that specialise in refrigerated truck leasing and rentals,” Solomon explained. “For example in Europe, of all the vehicles that are produced every year, we know that 58% of the builds go into long term rentals trading to leasing off balance sheet.

“Currently in Australia, it is a fraction of that – the percentage of rental take-up is more like 1 to 3% – so there is significant opportunity for transport fleet operators to scale with flexibility and ensure their fleets feature the latest technology, which then flows onto a second hand market.

“We see ourselves as a large participant in the industry

to get rigid vehicles that are of the highest quality and standard onto the road,” he added, “so we’re always using the most modern chassis’ and sourcing the best Isothermal bodies from around the world.”

Revora electrified transport fleets central to sustainability and innovation promise

Carrying on the rental theme – along with the tenets of sustainability and innovation – is Revora, which was launched in March. Revora will be a fully owned sub-brand that specialises in the rental of rigid, electrified trucks.

General Manager, Nathan Gore-Brown announced that Carrier will be a supplier of new technologies for the electric, refrigerated transport industry in Australia.

“Revora is a real investment to us. It is something that is costing us money every month, which we forecast will take 12 months or two years before starting to see significant returns,” said Gore-Brown. “Revora (and Eurocold for that matter) are companies that really want to see the industry make a difference in the long-term sustainability of refrigerated transport – and to our environment – because we believe in it.

“The usage situation for clients is what will drive the selection of chassis and body size. We’ve been working with our partners at Carrier to utilise its new technology designed specifically for an electrified body and we’ve progressed with suppliers in other areas when it comes to those selections of chassis, battery technology and charging units.

“It will take commitment and buy-in from the industry for Revora to get there. We acknowledge that the industry has to be willing to participate in order for us to get it to a position of profitability.”

Overall, the Eurocold and Revora teams see the future for the industry to be incredibly bright.

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Eurocold builds refrigerated transport trucks for all industries to best meet customer needs.

Our experience, passion, knowledge and flexibility delivers for all our satisfied clients.

Eurocold offers a full suite of tailored and comprehensive Fleet Partnership solutions, from managing fleets to funding all refrigerated truck asset types. Long-term rentals, direct sales or finance, we can assist in creating a solution to suit your situation.


Revora is an Australian refrigerated transport company built from decades of experience in the industry. It is set to empower the industry towards a sustainable future through decarbonisation with electric trucks. Using largely Australian ingenuity, Revora offers zero-emission refrigerated trucks, energy/charging solutions and data services. Its focus is to lead third party fleet operators to maximum efficiency, with outcomes of reducing air pollution, noise, operating costs and  meet a customer’s emission reductions requirements. Revora’s long-term lease model provides an all-encompassing turnkey service needed for a transport fleet to become electrified – from a situational analysis of current operations; right through to transition to electric trucks, charging station supply, training, data and on-call support.

Food and refrigerated transport have been central to Eurocold’s Managing Director, Avraam Solomon’s life. After joining his father and grandfather on early morning milk runs as a teen, in over 30 years he’s had significant success in the space, including driving Revora’s sister company – Eurocold – to become the leader in refrigerated truck fleet solutions. Revora is Avraam’s next step – where he has a vision to support the industry to decarbonise using largely Australian ingenuity. Avraam’s business career has seen him awarded the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Young CEO of the Year and companies he’s been involved in lauded on both BRW’s Fastest Growing Companies and Top 500 Private Companies lists.

Nathan Gore-Brown joined Revora as one of Australia’s leading authorities on decarbonisation and electric vehicle strategies. In his role prior to Revora, he guided with Governments and the private sector on best practice implementations in the low/no carbon space. His automotive career has spanned everything from multiple roles at Aston Martin’s headquarters in the UK; to a State Manager for Caterpillar in the Northern Territory and launching Queensland’s first Tesla store. His passion for electrification has brought him across to lead the development of Revora.


Eurocold is based on Stand 358 on Plaza Level of the Brisbane Truck Show (near the cafe) – both Avraam Solomon and Nathan Gore-Brown are available for interview.