2 Pallet Ute For Rent

2-Pallet Utes

Gain the benefits of power, precision and efficiency with our 2-pallet refrigerated utes. With isothermal fiberglass bodies and high thermal efficiencies these refrigerated utes are great for up to 2-pallet loads.

2-Pallet Refrigerated Ute Specs:

  • Isothermal Fiberglass Body
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Open car licence
  • Latest model trucks
  • Latest safety features
  • Single Side Door
  • Rear Barn Doors
  • Electric Standby
  • Chiller Mats



Long-term Rental:                            $1,799 per Month

Monthly Rental:                                        $2,231 per Month

Weekly Rental:                                              $599 per Week

Daily Rental:                                                     $139 per Day

  • Model: Toyota Hilux 4×2 Workmate​
  • Seats: 2​
  • GVM: 3,200kg​
  • Transmission: Auto​
  • Fuel Type: 2.7L Petrol​
  • Licence Required: Open Car Licence​​
  • Doors: Single side door, Rear barn doors​
  • Reverse Camera: Yes​
  • Tailgate loader: No​
  • Electric Standby: Yes

GST not included in rates, images are indicative for payloads. Diagrams are representative and based on Toyota Hilux.

Technical specifications of Eurocold's 2 Pallet Ute for rent

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