Technology Accessories

Most trucks come with a host of new technology and this helps the driver get the best experience. At Eurocold we are continually reviewing new technology available in the market. Here are some of the additional aids that we include in our rental trucks and install so you get the best solution for your needs.

Vision Trak

Vision Trak provides real-time tracking solutions. This streamlines and helps businesses and fleet managers improve operations. Track your equipment or any fleet asset with one of the most comprehensive GPS tracking systems.

Key Features:

Realtime GPS Tracking

  • Vehicle tracking systems provide managers with insight into each vehicle’s status, overall performance, driver behaviour, and more. This helps to optimise the business, improve efficiency, and ultimately, customer service.
  • Analyse the performance of your fleet and gain an insight into important trends that unlock the progress toward KPIs. GPS fleet tracking makes it easy to locate, monitor, and report the activity of drivers, trucks, refrigerators, and deliveries.

Temperature Tracking

  • Vision Trak’s temperature and GPS tracking solution is designed for manufacturers, logistic providers and businesses in the food and cold chain industry. This provides full transparency over refrigerated vehicle cabin temperature, location, and driver behaviour.
  • The solution provides ambient and refrigeration temperature readings every 30 seconds to facilitate HACCP compliance and ensures valuable goods and produce are delivered in the required temperature conditions. All data captured and accessible on the friendly portal 24/7.

CCTV Tracking

  • VisionTrak’s fleet camera solution goes beyond the standard vehicle CCTV offer in the industry. Most CCTV equipment only provide a dual camera view that records the road and driver only.
  • With VisionTrak you can select up to 6 cameras to have installed in the one fleet vehicle to get the full picture.

Driver ID Tracking

VisionTrak’s Driver ID accessory offers businesses a solution to seamlessly identify which driver is operating a vehicle at all times. It can also report on all of the vehicles which have been operated.

Drivers can be identified by a key fob that is unique to each driver. The driver simply uses the key to ‘sign-into’ each vehicle with an installed reader. This records each individual journey made by that driver.

Key Features
  • Identify drivers – speeding offences
  • Identify ownership – Parking Tickets
  • Verify delivery discrepancies – proof of service
  • Knowing when and who was on site – Time on Site
  • A deterrent to early finishes – Leaving Site Early
  • Increase of productivity – Driver timesheet for the showing time started & finished – driving time & distance to ensure working time directive compliance
Truck CCTV diagram

Guardian by Seeing Machines

Real-time prevention for fatigue and distraction related driver events in commercial fleets.

Powered by AI, Guardian monitors a driver’s face and eyes to determine alertness, wakefulness, and attentiveness, intervening in case of unsafe driving behaviour.

Key Features:

Immediate in-cab intervention

  • No matter where your driver is, in-cab interventions for driver fatigue and distraction are activated immediately. Fleet managers and owners do not need to wait to see the footage and coach their drivers; drivers are always protected

24/7 monitoring centre analysis and intervention

  • Our research shows that in-cab alerts reduce fatigue by 60%. Monitoring decreases the occurrence of fatigue by additional 30% to achieve >90% reduction

Powered by billions of kilometres of real-world data

  • Our algorithms have been informed by billions of kilometres of naturalistic data points including a vast range of human behaviours

Guardian is not a CCTV

  • Guardian cannot be accessed remotely under any circumstances. Although the sensor is always on, only a footage of unsafe driving behaviour will be available for review in online platform Guardian Live

Self-observation and learnings

  • Guardian intervenes in real-time when set thresholds are exceeded, helping drivers recognise their own potentially dangerous behaviours as they happen. Guardian has assisted drivers change behaviours and lifestyle habits over time to improve their own safety
Technical accessories available in a Eurocold truck