14-Pallet Truck

Gain the benefits of power, precision and efficiency with our 14-pallet refrigerated trucks. With isothermal fiberglass bodies and high thermal efficiencies these refrigerated trucks are the vehicles of choice for up to 14-pallet loads.

14-Pallet Refrigerated Truck Specs:

  • Isothermal Fiberglass Body
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • HR – Class licence
  • Latest model trucks
  • Latest safety features
  • Pallet Side Doors
  • Rear Barn Doors
  • Electric Standby
  • Tailgate Lifts
  • Roller Doors
  • Chiller Mats
  • Twin Steer

Innovative refrigeration technology

Industry-leading partners

We source only the best refrigeration bodies and units from world leaders in refrigeration to ensure that our clients enjoy consistent, reliable temperature control and exceptional efficiency.

Ground-breaking K-factor technology

Our refrigeration bodies all have a K-Factor of ≤ 0.34 W/m2K, representing excellent insulation, less load on the refrigeration unit, and reduced fuel consumption.

We customise refrigerated trucks to suit your requirements