Why You Should Hire a Refrigerated Truck

The demand for refrigerated vehicles is on the rise, and while purchasing is an option, the decision ultimately depends on each company’s budget and requirements. In this article, we will explore Eurocold’s range of refrigerated truck hire options, the benefits of renting, and the comprehensive services included in their agreements.

Extensive Hire Options

Eurocold have a range of refrigerated trucks for hire. We have two pallet trucks, 3 pallet trucks, 6 pallet trucks, 8 pallet trucks, 10 pallet trucks, 12 pallet trucks, 14 pallet trucks, and 14 pallet jumbo trucks available for hire. We also have 2 pallet Utes for hire.  Long and short term hire are available. 

What’s Included 

When you hire a Eurocold refrigerated vehicle, several things are included in the term of the agreement. Firstly, our long-term hire covers vehicle care and consumables. This means that we will cover all the truck servicing costs, refrigeration unit servicing costs, and windscreen and tire replacements.

The annual vehicle registration and vehicle insurance are also included, along with 24/7 customer support, roadside assistance, and Vision Trak telematics. This collects real-time vehicle data and allows you to track the vehicle and fridge temperature.

Usage of 5000km each month is included in the agreement with an additional fee for each extra kilometre within that month. Finally, if your needs change after one year then we can take back the vehicle. This is subject to terms and conditions.

With our short-term hire, Vision Track, 24/7 customer support, and roadside assistance are also included. This agreement, however, also includes unlimited kilometers on your vehicle for the length of the hire.


All Eurocold rental vehicles are detailed and sanitised when returned from every customer. A vehicle safety check is also performed to ensure there are no safety issues or faults with the vehicle for the next customer.

If there is any previous damage to the vehicle this is noted on the vehicle condition report. A customer receives a copy of this during pick-up.

Eurocold’s damage excess is one of the lowest in the industry at just $2,900 plus GST. This is payable in the event of any damage or an accident. If the customer is proven to not be at fault, we refund the excess.  


Hire Process 

Upon arrival, Eurocold requires the customer’s license. They must have the correct type of license for their rental vehicle. This is because some can be driven on a car license, while others require truck licenses including LR, MR, and HR.

Payment and bond are required upon collection of the rental vehicle through a credit or debit card. We do not accept cash. Account terms are available to approved customers. An employee will then go over the rental agreement with the customer and provide them with the terms and conditions.

Next, payment will be made and the customer will sign the agreement electronically on an iPad. They will receive an electronic copy of the agreement. The employee and customer will then review the vehicle and note any pre-existing marks or damage. The features of the vehicle and how to use the refrigerator will be explained to the customer.

Finally, the employee will explain what the customer should do in the unlikely event that they encounter any issues. Eurocold offers 24/7 customer support with experienced and helpful staff skilled in refrigerated vehicle operations. We are happy to help in any way possible and want to ensure that customers have an easy and smooth experience.

Why You Should Hire 

Customers should consider refrigerated trucks for hire for several reasons. With the inclusions in the agreements mentioned above, customers can have greater flexibility and save money. This is because they can change the type of truck when needed, and maintenance and other costs are taken care of by Eurocold.

Hiring allows you to use your capital on other investments which have a better return. Additionally, hiring trucks allows for a quicker and easier turnover than if you owned them. Hire also has lower prices the longer the length is. Contact Us Today For More Information!