Eurocold refrigerated truck rental
Eurocold’s New Refrigerated Truck Rental Site at Rocklea

Eurocold is opening a new second site that will focus on refrigerated truck rental. The site is at 2015 Ipswich Road, Rocklea, Queensland. Ipswich Road is a high traffic area, close to both the Rocklea markets and a 17-minute drive from the Brisbane CBD. There are also a lot of refrigerated transport and food processing companies in close proximity.  

This will be perfect for local food vendors at the market to rent a truck to use at the markets. Local companies can also rent a truck to quickly fill a need in their fleet. 

Refrigerated Truck Rentals Available 

We have a wide range of rigid frame refrigerated trucks available to rent based on your needs. We have.  

  • 2 pallet Utes,  
  • 2 pallet trucks,  
  • 3 pallet trucks,  
  • 6 pallet trucks,  
  • 8 pallet trucks,  
  • 10 pallet trucks,  
  • 12 pallet trucks,  
  • 14 pallet trucks, 
  • 14 pallet jumbo trucks. 

 All our vehicles have competitive prices and can be hired for daily, weekly, monthly or long-term periods and rates. 

Even though our Rocklea site focuses on refrigerated truck rental, customers are welcome to view our trucks and discuss purchasing as well. Our Wynnum office is the manufacturing and truck sales hub of the business. 

We actively monitor the market so we know our prices are competitive. 

Flexibility and Quality 

Eurocold are flexible as we offer short and long-term hire. We work with our customers to change between vehicle sizes as their needs change. Additionally, Eurocold offer after hours collection and return as we understand our customers are busy, subject to availability.  

The quality of all Eurocold vehicles is second to none. We have manufactured a new fleet of the latest models that all come equipped with the latest technology including world-class high-performance bodies. 

Damage Excess 

Eurocold’s damage excess for short-term rental is one of the lowest in the industry at just $2,900 plus GST. This is   payable in the event of any damage or an accident. If the customer is not at fault, we refund the excess.  

Cleaning and Safety 

All Eurocold rental vehicles are detailed and sanitised when returned from every customer. A vehicle safety check is also performed to ensure there are no safety issues or faults with the vehicle for the next customer. 

Previous Damage 

If there is any previous damage to the vehicle this is noted on the vehicle condition report. A customer receives a copy of this during pick-up.  

Experienced Staff 

Eurocold’s refrigerated truck rental site at Rocklea is led by Aaron Cuthbertson, the National Rental Manager. Aaron at 18 started detailing vehicles for rental industry. With almost 20 years’ experience in all facets of the industry he has worked around Australia in places like Hobart, Perth, Ballina, Ayers Rock and now Brisbane. He has even worked in the rental industry in the United States. Aaron is passionate about trucks and cars and can’t wait to help you find the perfect rental refrigerated truck for your business. 

Benefits of Renting 

The benefits of renting a refrigerated truck are: 

  • It doesn’t tie up capital 
  • They are available immediately 
  • It also does not need to be financed,  
  • is flexible as it is easy to return or exchange if your needs change,  
  • it has no maintenance costs as that is taken care of by the rental company,  
  • no asset on the books of the business that could be a liability.  

Some businesses may prefer to use rental trucks for a small run that is only one day a week. In this instance, buying a new truck and spending a large amount of money on it where it is not used very much would not be economical.  

For a detailed discussion of the benefits of refrigerated truck rental, click here  


Eurocold offers 24/7 customer support with experienced and helpful staff skilled in refrigerated vehicle operations. We are happy to help in any way possible and want to ensure that customers have an easy and smooth experience. 

Come to Eurocold’s new Rocklea refrigerated truck rental site and see our trucks for yourself. You can also get more information on our rentals here